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blueprinthomeschoolingBlueprint Homeschooling: How to Plan a Year of Home Education That Fits the Reality of Your Life

This is a step-by-step guide to help you plan a homeschool year that works for you and your family. Discover your values, learn about methods, set realistic goals, and then manage a yearly calendar. This also includes a lot of encouragement and inspiration as you work through your year.




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Chemistry: 101 Captivating Books, Videos, Games, and Experiment Kits to Supplement Elementary Science

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Multimedia Homeschool

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Blueprint Homeschooling

Need a homeschool friend to help you plan your year? Want some insight into the seasons of homeschooling from those who have been doing it for years? Blueprint Homeschooling is your guide to creating two plans for homeschooling: one for your ideal year, and one that fits the reality of your life.

Blueprint Homeschooling is for parents of all philosophies, backgrounds, beliefs, and styles. With 43 different exercises to help you figure out your values, methods, and how to manage those schedules, you’ll come out of this book with a plan you can be excited about — and one that is flexible enough to manage through difficult times.

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