I Am Only a Conduit

I keep a series of sketchbooks as my writer’s notebooks, where I jot down thoughts and ideas and quotes. I have just a few more pages of notebook #8 before I’ll be breaking in a new book. One of the first things I write in each book is this summary of The Four Agreements.


It may not seem like a set of quotes related to writing, but for me this is fundamental. Decreasing the background baggage and learning to communicate more clearly makes it easier to be a better writer.

With regards to number 2, Don’t Take Anything Personally, I learned that one best from a sketch artist in the book An Illustrated Life (I can’t remember which artist in particular, but I loved that book!). He told a story about sharing his sketchbooks with anyone who asked to see them. Every person he ever shared with would look at his sketches, and then find a way to talk about themselves. He said he realized that people bring so much of themselves to the art that it’s not really “his” art once it’s done. I try to keep that in mind when I’m writing. I may be expressing one aspect of myself and my interests, but anyone who reads it is going to take what they need from it and ignore the rest.

I’m nothing more than a conduit.

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